Wawrinka: Everything is about Federer!

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On Sunday May 10th, Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka gave an interview to a Swiss newspaper. Here an extract translated from German:

Mr Wawrinka, how is it possible, that even though you have had a lot of success over the past few months, you can still walk around in Zurich almost unrecognized?

Wawrinka: Well for the people a quarter or half final victory in a big tourney is not that important.

But the Swiss people’s interest for tennis is bigger than ever, isn’t it?

Wawrinka: Yes, but since Federer won almost everything over the past 4, 5 years winning just became like “normal”.

Are you upset about this?

Wawrinka: I just think it is a shame. People don’t recognize the performances of other athletes anymore. We do not have a lot of professional sportsmen in Switzerland, and therefore the encouragement of the public is even more important. But everything is just about Federer. For the people it doesn’t matter what we others are doing. Everybody just thinks it is easy to win, because Federer kept on winning and winning. They can’t imagine how difficult it actually is only to be in the Top 50 of the World!

If Switzerland hadn’t Federer would you be a Star?

Wawrinka: (Laughs) Yeah, maybe. But my goal is just to do my best. that is all that counts.

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