Wayne Odesnik has Accepted Voluntary Suspension over Drugs Possesion

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The Associated Press reported today that American Wayne Odesnik has accepted a voluntary suspension from the men’s Tour for his possession of HGH in January.

Under the suspension, Odesnik will not participate in any ATP or Grand Slam events until he faces an independent tribunal in the next two months.

Fined $7,000 for his actions in Australia, the ITF’s Stuart Miller had this to say regarding the No. 111 ranked American.

“How long that suspension will remain in place will be at the discretion of the player, but we would normally expect it to continue through to the point at which a tribunal renders a decision on the case,” said Miller. “Technically, the length of any withdrawal is his choice.”

The ultimate reason Odesnik took the voluntary suspension came down to the fact that he’ll be suspended anyway once the tribunal is over. For that reason, it would be to his detriment to continuing playing because the likilihood that he’ll keep his prize money and points during the time leading up to the tribunal is very low.

Odesnik would then have to pay for all his traveling costs out of his own pocket, and since he doesn’t make Roger Federer type figures, it really doesn’t make any sense.

Odesnik’s decision to immediately stop competition will also result in an overall deduction from his proposed suspension.

“If he decides to return to competition in advance of the decision that is imposed in this case, then he would lose that credit,” Miller said.

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