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by Michael on July 23, 2008 · 1 comment

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Wristbands, they sometimes are a little forgotten. Well here is an insight, they are not a fashion accessory – they are a performance enhancing tool !! Ok, why?

They are used to do a few things. Firstly, to wipe your forehead to stop sweat dripping into your eyes and secondly to stop sweat running down your arm, hand and onto your grip.

Remember in a previous article I talked about keeping a loose grip for more power?. I also talked about keeping your grips fresh and moisture free to keep the grip sticky.

Getting the picture? Yep, wristbands increase the life of your grips, keep moisture away from your hand and grip, therefore allowing you to continue to grip the racquet lightly!

Most people would never think of wristbands having an effect on their strokes – but indirectly they do !!

Having said all that – some top players dont wear them. See the articles pictures. You can now make up your own mind if they will help you!!

Exciting news readers !! All I will say is check out The Tennis Times. http://thetennistimes.com

More on that tomorrow !!!


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I completely agree!


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