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Welcome to Daily Tennis Tips. The goal of this web site is pretty clear – Enjoy and Improve Your Tennis.

How? We will be discussing techniques, strategies, fitness, stretching, equipment and preparation. Our target audience is for tennis players from 5 years old to 105 years old. Yep that should cover it !!

Things to look out from our team are:

Equipment Discussion about strings, shoes, racquets, clothing and what variations are good for different surfaces and conditions.

Mental discussions. Topics like routines, mental imagery and identification of turning points. We will also point out how people like Nadal control their mind and routines they use. There were some great examples on Sunday night in the Wimbledon doubles final !

Strategy tips. Discussions on how to beat a base line players, players with big serves, etc.

Tips about technique. Improving your game from serves to volleys, ground strokes and drop shots.

Enjoy the site, please feel free to contact me with any feedback, any suggestions and anything you would like to discuss.

Also, subscribe to the free newsletter to never miss a tip !

Thanks and have a great day !

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