Why Aren’t Tennis Brands Moving Online Effectively?

by The Insider on January 29, 2009 · 0 comments

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Yesterday I was looking through Head’s website trying to find out when they would be releasing the Microgel extreme with teflon tech. I can see the racquet and all the information however there is no release date. Then of course I tried to contact head via their website expecting them to have a contact form, but no such luck.

Is this the current situation with multinational manufacturers? Have they actually thought about e-commerce at all, or even publicity online? Because currently a simple post a certain website could provide them with more publicity than sponsoring some of the worlds largest tennis tournaments. This is not just a criticism about tennis industry, but at most companies not embracing new media and actually thinking about what they are doing online. Online brands are growing fast and Im sure if I came out with a tennis brand at a sensible price I could probably sell more units online than some other major brands. Times are changing and tennis brands need to actually think about their online presence.

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