Wilson Are Adopting New Media But Still Clueless

by The Insider on May 7, 2009 · 0 comments

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This afternoon I headed over to the Wilson YouTube Channel and noticed that they had a bunch of videos on the site from all the major Wilson sponsored players. However, when taking a look at the videos I noticed that they have all been made and edited using Windows Movie Maker (a free program from Microsoft). I’m now wondering how come the biggest brand in tennis cant actually even scrap together enough funds to purchase a good video editing piece of software and even hire someone to produce these videos professionally. I’m sure if Wilson took the time to do something professional they could receive a lot more views on YouTube and then even receive a partner channel with YouTube which would allow them to make advertising revenues.

This is typical of most major brands who are still yet to understand what they should be doing in terms of web 2.0 and new media. If someone at Wilson does read this please contact us because I’m sure we could help you really get ahead of the competition in this area!

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