Wilson Six One Team BLX Tennis Racquet Review

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The Wilson Six One Team BLX tennis racquet is a new member to Wilson’s Six.One family of player’s racquets.  It is, in essence, a lighter and somewhat differently constructed version of Wilson’s popular Six.One 95 BLX racquet.  Wilson places the Six.One Team BLX racquet in their “Control & Spin” category for 2012.

If you like the appearance of the Six One 95 BLX you will also be pleased with the style of the Six.One Team BLX—they are identical in appearance.  The Team BLX features a nice Red/White/Black color scheme and reminds me of some “old school” racquet designs.  My play-test racquet had a black Wilson “Performance Hybrid” grip which seemed to have just the right amount of tack & moisture control.

The Wilson Six One Team BLX features 3 of Wilson’s newest tech features:

  1. Basalt (BLX):  Basalt fibers are woven into the frame to reduced unwanted frequencies (vibrations) and to provide better feedback and feel.
  2. Amplifeel:  A new handle technology that provides enhanced feel by using graphite & basalt planks, Foam, and a softer butt-cap.
  3. Double Holes:  Increased diameter on grommet holes to allow more string freedom which increases the “sweet spot” and adds power.

The Wilson Six One Team BLX has a 95” head and weighs 10.2 oz. unstrung.  It has an open 16 x 18 string pattern.  The label on the racquet says it is 4 pts head-light and its flat-beam cross-section is a thin 20.7mm wide.  It is rated by Wilson as appropriate for skilled players with a long stroke.  It is the standard 27” length.

I was immediately comfortable at the baseline with the Six.One Team BLX.  Its lighter weight allows rapid acceleration for aggressive playing styles.  It is a control-oriented racquet (smallish head-size, thin beam) and, therefore, you must provide the power!  But when you do, you will certainly be pleased—it allows you to shoot for the “corner pocket” with confidence.  It is a solid racquet with very little vibration or other distractions.

The good news is that the Six.One Team BLX is very quick at the net.  It light weight and head-light balance equates to fantastic maneuverability.  And speed often equates to success when facing incoming volleys at a rapid-fire pace!  It was even more accurate than I anticipated (I believed the open string pattern and Double Holes may lessen accuracy—I was wrong!).  The “less than good” news was that it was very unforgiving on hits near the hoop.  Any ball that hit near the frame really made the racquet try to twist in my hand—a bit more than I believe it should, even considering its light weight and 95” head-size.  But it is, after all, a racquet designed for skilled and advanced players.

This Wilson tennis racquet is excellent when hitting overhead smashes.  It is easy to generate power (via head-speed) and control was good.

Serves were very good with the Wilson Six.One Team BLX.  I was able to generate sufficient power on flat serves and pretty good spin on 2nd serves.  It did not offer the control or the power potential of its sister racquet (Six.One 95 BLX) but I did feel as if I could serve “all day” without tiring.

The open string pattern of the Wilson Six One Team BLX, combined with the ‘Double Hole’ technology seemed to help it generate good spin and slice.  The strings are able to “bite” the ball a bit more due to its design and a player can really hit H-A-R-D without fear.  Big Swing + Ball Bite = Spin!

The Six One Team BLX is an update and modification of proven technology.  It is a control-oriented, medium weight, and very easy to maneuver racquet.  It should be a consideration for players in the 4.0+ NTRP categories who have a full swing and are seeking more control.

Written by Greg Christopherson, who is a long-time tennis player and a professional stringer from Oceanside, Calif.

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