Wimbledon Thinking About Court No.1 Roof Addition

by Natasha Sulimoff on July 3, 2011 · 0 comments

in Grand Slams

Wimbledon has considered adding a retractable roof to Court No.1, the venue’s second biggest court after Center Court.

The first court to have a roof was Center Court, when the roof was finished and first used in the 2009 Wimbledon Championships.

Rain had hit Wimbledon this year more than it did last year. The roof was used often on Center Court in 2011, the only court that has a roof and could be played on during stormy days.

Some of the other Grand Slams have roofs over their main courts as well; there are two retractable roofs at the Australian Open, and Roland Garros says it will have a retractable roof on its main stadium by 2016. The U.S. Tennis Association says it does not plan to put a roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium, the top court for the U.S. Open.

Wimbledon spokesman Johnny Perkins said that “everything is up for discussion” and added that “a Court 1 roof can’t be ruled in, but couldn’t be ruled out.”

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