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Clay CourtIt is important to get off to a quick start in a match. Why not start with the warm up! The best part is you make the rules and start controlling what is happening on the court. I am not talking about hitting winners or junk in the warm up. It is unsportsmanlike and you should always respect your opponents needs to warm up. Tennis is one of the few sports where you actually warm up the person you are about to try and beat.

Focus on making no unforced errors. In the warmup you should be looking for your opponents weaknesses and not letting them see any of yours. Focus on not having any balls sitting on your side of the net.

After warming up your ground strokes be the first to come into the net to warm up your volleys. This shows that you are happy with your ground strokes and are moving on. You are already starting to control the match.

After you have practiced your serves to first court be the first to change sides and serve to second court.

Finally, when you are practicing your serves to second court offer to start the match before the opponent. “Are you Ready?”

This is what I call win the warm up. You are already focusing your attention to the job at hand AND you are already appearing like a solid opponent who is already in control and knows what they want.

Keep that momentum going and win the first game, serving or receiving, it sets a nice tone for the match !!

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You never know, the next tip could be the difference between winning and loosing your next match!

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